About Fornesus

I am Fornesus, a queer, autistic, nonbinary, and Filipino artist, and my work coincides with my story and the struggles that I have experienced as a human being as well as the yearning and wonder that I wish so much to entertain and to have the permission to explore.

From a young age, I have always exerted my creativity and have been unapologetically creative despite reprimand or discouragement. My art has been defined by these struggles with acceptance by others and with the fact that society has imposed a great deal of harm to those like myself and to those with different viewpoints, identities, ways of thinking, etc. Thus, from my abstract pieces to my more “realistic” depictions, I tend to highlight the plight of the underclass or the beauty that is normally ignored.

I feel the responsibility, as an artist and a human, to uplift voices like mine, people like me, and the underserved and to do so with the utmost respect that I can provide. I also bear the responsibility to make my ideas known, to reveal the inner world that unravels in my head on a daily basis, and the material and psychological reality that I face.

I am Fornesus, an artist and human, always authentically, all in one. View my resume here.

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