Fornesus Interactive Art Gallery

Dedicated in memory of Kiba, the Chiweenie, who was 17 years, 7 months, and 3 days old. August 3, 2006 - March 20, 2024.



In September 2023, I entered the Fort Bend County Fair's Open Adult Art Competition in the "Mixed Media" and "Miscellaneous" competitions because my work was that unique!

My heart was pounding, my stomach was grumbling, and my head was spinning as I brought in the large containers with the eight pieces that I had been working on tirelessly for the past few months to the exhibit. I was greeted with a refusal when I attempted to enter my paintings in the painting competition, despite clearing it with the director of the competition.

Feeling defeated, I proceeded to go to the "Mixed Media" table, whose volunteers looked stunned as my work looked, "different", and I almost felt embarrassed as I took out each delicate piece from the containers that I had brought them in. Eventually, we were able to figure out a home for the remaining pieces in the "Miscellaneous" table.

My parents had convinced me that these pieces were not what people wanted to see and that I should have just drawn pretty and realistic images like I used to do before I began to explore my inner world.

And for two weeks, I believed them.

So imagine the shock that I experienced when I saw that all but three of my entries had won individual ribbons.

And then imagine the overthinking in my head about how "everyone must have received a few" as my father had later tried to explain.

Still, in some way, my work was recognized and, although it may not be "enough" for me at that point to feel comfortable as an artist, I am still happy to experience taking a chance on myself.

Now that you know this part of the story of these following pieces, please check them out in the interactive exhibit below.

4 First Place Ribbons, 1 Second Place Ribbon